Spirituality and psychological adjustment

Spirituality and psychological

Spirituality and psychological adjustment

Spirituality and psychological adjustment is an important subject of social sciences. Spirituality and psychological adjustment culminate in unity and a strong bond between people which is very necessary for the advancement and existence of society and the country. This is one of the sterling virtues, whosoever adopts it sails the boat of life smoothly and happily and can even face boldly the holocaust fatigue. It is a give and takes affair. The dictionary meaning of spirituality and psychological adjustment is to alter slightly, become used to a new situation, and harmonize.

Spirituality and psychological adjustments are integration and on the other hand not adjusting is decadence. The visionary adjusts even during difficult situations as one believes that dawn comes after dark and all phases of life are passing ones. A life of spirituality and psychological adjustment is an ideal one as one uses diplomacy is not provoked. With an attitude of spirituality and psychological adjustment, all strings of rancor will loosen converting into the bond of love, service, righteousness, and universal brotherhood. In this spirit, even the mightiest and the weakest may live together in complete harmony.

Streamline your life with spirituality

One may prefer to lose a fight or negotiate skillfully and will clear out all misunderstandings with others. One’s inside tug will vanish, the person stops drifting aimlessly and will become adaptable. One with such qualities will become humble, generous, and extinguishes arrogance. Life becomes benign, completely streamlined, vibrant, and fine-tuned. To err is human. The attitude of let goes acts as a balm. One should not, always, stick to one’s own guns. Even with a small gesture of spirituality and psychological adjustment one earns the pleasure, goodwill, confidence, harmony, and faith of others.

Spirituality and psychological adjustment amongst young and old with a wide generation gap is the necessity of the day. Since one’s hatred is quelled due to spirituality and psychological adjustment the stress is reduced and the resultant is harmony in every direction. The family life becomes fruitful, joyful, cohesive, and blossoms which is purely based on sacrifice, tolerance, and mutual love. Since the emotions are controlled, the heart and mind work in unison with a desire to live peacefully. The fickle mind stabilizes and one casts off ego and never feels that he/ she is indispensable. Besides, due to change of attitude, sometimes, one becomes a partner of somebody’s wealth, grace, and virtues and victor of own trials and tribulations.

Learn to deal and adjust

With spirituality and psychological adjustment, one learns the art of handling people and with due consideration and tact, even the knotty and puzzling problems can be solved. The discard and conflict turn to accord, denial of acceptance. In case the situation does not change, a person of consideration will change according to the circumstances as the tortoise does. The situation is not always according to our wishes. One’s language becomes sweet, rigidity melts down and he/ she is accepted by all, everywhere in a cozy atmosphere. The argumentation refrains and one become very conscious while dealing with others, especially with sensitive persons. Such a person becomes endear of all, animosity to none, and is never stubborn, violent, disgruntled, or proud. Saint Rahim has said,” Do not snap the thread of love by a jerk; once snapped, it can not be rejoined without a knot.” This saying is true about spirituality and psychological adjustment and faith also.

The mutual faith, respect, consideration, and tolerance are deep-rooted. He/ she will never contradict any religion, sect, caste, creed, and country to avoid attrition and pitfalls which antagonize at a little pretext. We should avoid the awkward situation as we do while we meet a person walking from the opposite direction in the same clime. Unfortunately, fomenting insurgency, terrorism, and communal is on the rise in the whole world disturbing the social fabric of life. The spirit of tolerance has vanished and values of humanity are degraded. This has also led to the alienation of society. Though the transformation needs a lot of sacrifice and self-denial, no doubt, spirituality and psychological adjustment bridges many wide gaps.

Flexibility is important

There are many disadvantages for those who do not adjust and are not flexible in life. Their facilities do not function properly and they blame their luck, God, or someone else for short-comings. Such persons start considering themselves as unworthy and may fume and fret on flimsy grounds. They become offensive, unfriendly, and with such type of temperament ruin their inner self with the blazing fire of hatred and revolt. He/ she may form habits of nitpicking, peevishness and may thus fall apart from people at a small pretext. Also, such habits create confusion in one’s mind making indecisive and switching tracks of mind off and on which, ultimately, derail a life. They may use curt and unbridled language resulting in a fire-brand /ballistic personality whereas a little care and diplomacy can avoid war. Nonspirituality and psychological adjustment cause great loss and disappointment.

Spirituality leads to positivity

Spirituality and psychological adjustment have amazing healing powers as such persons do not live in repulsion, will not have any adversary but all well-wishers. Since such a person is cordial he/she may believe in theism and build pantheon for all. Persons of such qualities are insulated from outside and inside upheavals of life and thus relish life under all circumstances treating pleasures and pains alike and annihilating the passions and anger. Spirituality and psychological adjustment make a person obedient and trustworthy of elders, saints, preceptors, superiors, and God.


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