Science and Living Longer

Living Longer

I think the answer to the question of why we should live longer is a combination of several different sciences and disciplines. First, and foremost, there is the matter of health. Health isn’t just how long you live, but more importantly, it’s the ability to do well in all of life’s endeavors. In other words, health is sometimes tied into how much money you make, or how much time you spend with your family, or how much overall happiness you have, and all of these things are affected by health and vice versa.
You might not realize it, but one of the reasons the low mortality rate in Canada is because the people of Canada have a strong sense of personal responsibility and value living life to the fullest. This is very different from the United States, where less than 40% of the population consider living long and healthy as a goal, and these people generally live shorter lives. The United States values superficiality over the health and wellness of their citizens. When that becomes the national standard, you can expect more premature deaths.
Science, too, is key to living longer. Not only does it give us new knowledge and methods to manipulate the body’s ability to function at peak efficiency, but science also gives us the tools and knowledge to create new, improved ways to strengthening the body’s ability to function optimally. Such tools range from a stronger immune system to a stronger heart as well as a better means of controlling your food intake. As the science that has come about over the last century and a half has matured, and we have learned more about how our bodies work, we have learned to keep our bodies healthy and not simply rely on medicines and pills. Medicine and prescription drugs have been relied upon for so long that the body doesn’t always know what to do with them.


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