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  • How do you define God?

     Angela Lewis updated 1 year, 11 months ago 5 Members · 5 Posts
  • Ruth

    October 6, 2019 at 2:02 am

    How do you define God?

  • Claudia

    October 6, 2019 at 2:56 am

    Since god is a hypothetical being invented in thousands of different forms by different cultures, there is no single legitimate definition. Many versions have things in common (a creator or inspirer of life and/or the universe) many don’t. Some believe in a single god, some don’t. There isn’t really an all-encompassing definition that I am aware of; instead you need to ask “How does religion x define its god”.

    I am always amused by the answers – you’ll see some below – which say “God is x”, without starting “in my opinion”. This is another way of saying “The thousands of other versions of god are silly, but mine is right”. Feel free to discount those peoples’ comments, because they cannot logically be right. Unless they are astonishingly lucky.

    For me there are two possibilities in relation to the start of our own universe, assuming it has not been around in some form forever; pure physical laws (and therefore no self-awareness). Or some kind of intelligent self-aware influence, which might, for example, have framed the rules of physics or intervened in some other way. I think the widest definition of god (for me) is the latter, ie a self-aware instigator of the start of the universe. Even if this exists, and there is no particular reason to assume that it does, every other attribute which people choose to give it is purely hypothetical and man-made (as of course is the general idea itself).

  • Alexander Clarkson

    October 30, 2019 at 4:43 am

    I read this somewhere..

    2 strangers have a conversation in a journey via train..

    One guy is sitting, reading a bible and the other one is a guy standing.

    The standing guy gets annoyed that he is sitting there reading a bible when he can do much useful things in life.

    The standing guy starts a conversation “”Hey why are you reading this Bible? Instead of thinking about God you should do useful things, Here this is my card, I am a scientist. Give me a call if you want to work.””

    The sitting guy politely responds “”All this while you were talking about yourself, you didn’t ask my name or what i do. Anyway, here’s my card.””

    And he gets off at his station.

    The scientist guy sees the card and gets stunned to see that it was one of the great scientist himself. (I don’t remember which scientist exactly, I don’t want to pass on wrong info so. Someone like Einstein or Galileo or Edison)

    So he gives him a call and visit his office.

    He sees that there’s a huge creation of the universe in his room,

    So he asks “”Did you make this? It’s Beautiful””

    He says “”No, it was there already””

    The standing scientist gets pissed off and says “”If you don’t want to tell me that’s okay, don’t lie to me but””

    The great scientist replies “”This is the reason I was reading the Bible, the universe, the galaxy, it cannot be just there. Someone must have made it. There is some creator hence there’s a creation””.

    So here’s the answer, God or No God, there’s someone who has created all of this. You, me, the world.

    The creator is God.

  • Steven

    November 3, 2019 at 2:25 am

    You cannot bind God to a particular definition.

    Different people see God differently but there is one thing common among them all , FAITH.

    When all doors are closed, people seek God’s guidance. God is inside us. God is everywhere.

    God is that positive feeling that motivates you in the state of torpor.

    God is that voice inside you that stops you when are about to commit a heinous crime.

    God fills those voids between what you see & what you want to see.

    God is that hope which refuses to leave even when you had a bad day.

    God gives you that optimistic vision in gloomy days.

    God is that incisive vision, which allows you to discern what is good & what is bad.

    God is not confined inside the walls of temples or churches.

    God is not didactic or dictatorial. God is not a man sitting in heaven watching us all, threatening to throw us in a fire pit if we don’t follow some rituals.

    God doesn’t force you to be a masochist nor does he give you license to odiousness which you can later commensurate by walking the path of atonement.

    Infact, God is the enlightenment of our mind & soul, which helps us to see clearly the path we want to take.

    There are some facts which are simply too complicate to interpret. That’s where God comes into the picture, to explain the unexplainable.

    God is the energy that binds us together and not divides us. God is ONE.

  • Angela Lewis

    December 16, 2019 at 10:42 pm



    God is, paradoxically, ineffable yet obviously here.

    No concept can encompass God’s endlessness.

    But, hey, let’s try.

    Let’s say that God is “love.”

    Ah ha, now we have to define “love.” So let’s say “love” is always “a pleasant giving dynamic,” but no, we know that a loving parent must sometimes be “angry” and that Jesus whipped the money lenders and Arjuna shot arrows into half of his relatives, and that those, too, are acts of love. So, hmmm, “love,” is seeming to be a zero sum game in pro-con-actuality instead of a 100% all-time positive.

    God seems more than zero sum, right? God is beyond love.

    Let’s say God is “infinite.”

    The human mind cannot process “infinity,” because it’s more than too big; it’s transcendentally too big. So, when the nervous system tries to put meaning into the word, it can’t and settles for something graspable instead. Thus, God is reduced to being “a little bit bigger than the universe.” And ugly suchlikes.

    We don’t want to reduce God, right? God is beyond infinite.

    Let’s say God is “The Creator.”

    But the typical person says that they do not see God in the act of creating. Most folks speak of Creation as something that happened long ago in the beginning, instead of saying that Creation is an ongoing event. This is understandable, because, hey, who can wrap their head around today’s woes and then think, “God is creating this right now.” ??? Toughie, eh? Uncomfortable, right?

    We don’t want to tussle about God’s morals when authoring existence, right? So let’s not say the C word, okay?


    What we discover is the slipperiness of concepts. No word has the precision required. The boundaries of their definitions are fuzzy. They leak.

    Surprise conclusion #1

    Prayers that use words are not nearly as communicative as assumed.

    God goes, “That prayer could mean anything. Where’s my dice that Einstein said I don’t use?”

    Surprise conclusion #2

    Prayers that use emotions, instead of words, are more appropriate. Sheer ardor is proper worship. Emotions are raw, innocent, honest.

    Surprise conclusion #3

    All attempts to define God run out of gas. The intellect can’t stop adding to the fine print. But, brace yourself, worshiping ardor, too, finds itself to “not be enough.” God deserves more than conceptual accolades and adoration.

    Surprise conclusion #4

    God can’t be defined but everyone knows Whom is being mentioned by the word! You can’t get there from here. You’re already here which is the there you can’t get to. This tautological soul trap is a boggling conundrum.


    Do you know you are here right now?

    Do you need to define who you are to be sure you’re here?

    Answer: You KNEW the answers to the above questions. This “knowledge” is not something that needs proof. You are your own axiom. And so is God.

    And so, to define God without it falling short, what we do is ask God, “Who are You?”

    Go ahead. Do that right now. Ask God.

    You got God’s immediate reply, right? You got immediate silence.

    This is the most profound definition of God that God can give to you.

    Silence is transcendental sound.

    Surprise conclusion #5

    Instantly you can experience silence at any moment. You just now did it above!

    Question: How much, how often, do you think it’s proper for you to give your attention to this silence if silence is God’s Identity?

    Just askin’.

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